Self Care   .   Self Regulate   .   Build Resilience         

Grounding, strengthening our energetic boundaries, & nervous system self-regulation are important aspects of creating balance physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. 

All AIEH Sessions are provided in person at SAGE River Wellness


Advanced Integrative Energy Healing is a full-spectrum therapeutic modality aimed at supporting whole person well-being.

This modality integrates consciousness-based Integral Yoga Psychology, Somatic Physiology, Awareness Dialogue, Biofield Theory & Modern Western Science.

AIEH biofield-based treatments focus on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual & relational aspects of healing.

Your clinician will work with you to co-create a plan that best supports your Intention for Health and Well-being. You will develop skills to support the maintenance of healthy shifts brought about by your Advanced Integrative Energy Healing treatments.

Advanced Integrative Energy Healing is a complimentary holistic modality that nurtures your potential for self-care and healing when coping with:

  • Grief & End of Life Care

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Acute Injury & Chronic Illnesses 

  • Chronic Pain

Advanced Integrative Energy Healing  is grounded in Theory:

  • Integral Yogic Psychology (A. Ghose)
  • Biofield Theory (Brennan, Oschman, Rubik)
  • Somatic Physiology (Vander Kolk, Ogden, Levine)


Learn how to holistically & energetically support your Self Body, Mind, & Spirit. Sessions provide tools for energetic self care, grounding, self regulation, & stress management.                     All sessions include a guided grounding meditation.