Advanced Integrative Energy Healing can be provided in conjunction with other therapies and nurtures your potential for self-empowerment and healing when coping with:

  • Grief & End of Life Care

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Acute Injury & Chronic Illnesses 

  • Chronic Pain

  • Addiction Recovery

Advanced Integrative Energy Healing  is grounded in Theory:

  • Integral Yogic Psychology (A. Ghose)
  • Biofield Theory (Brennan, Oschman, Rubik)
  • Somatic Physiology (Vander Kolk, Ogden, Levine)

Energy is the currency of all interactions in nature. To leave energetic considerations out of the equations of life and medicine is to ignore 99 percent of what is happening.”

                                                                 James Oschman

'Advanced Integrative Energy Healing is a full-spectrum therapeutic modality aimed at supporting whole person well-being.

This modality integrates consciousness-based Integral Yoga Psychology, Somatic Physiology, Awareness Dialogue, Biofield Theory and Modern Western Science.

AIEH biofield-based treatments focus on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational aspects of healing.

The Goal is to empower individuals to re-pattern their biofield, to build resilience and to develop well-resourced self-care and coping strategies.'

(Langara College IEH Intensive 2015)

Your clinician will work with you to Co-Create a Plan of Care  that best supports your Intention for Health and Well-being.

You will be provided with tools to support the maintenance of healthy shifts brought about by your Advanced Integrative Energy Healing treatments.

Grief and End of Life Care

Advanced Integrative Energy Healing treatments work to facilitate the Grounding, Centering and Alignment required to manage symptoms, ease transitions and support your path to Wellness.

Advanced Integrative Energy Healing also strives to provide gentle support of symptoms <physical, emotional and spiritual> experienced during End of Life and Palliative Care. These sessions provide gentle on and off body treatments, respecting Client Values and Beliefs.  AIEH also supports Care for the Caregiver.

Your Clinician will take the time to listen to you in order to Co-Create a Plan of Care based on your values and beliefs.